Jumeirah Faucets

Manufacturer of sanitary faucets

From a long time ago, the production of a national product with global standards made us bring together domestic and international experiences, and in 1997, as one of the first manufacturers of sanitary faucets, we set up the “Pars Mehdi” manufacturing and industrial factory. After 16 years of continuous efforts and paying attention to the improvement of the quality levels of products, finally in 2012, with the registration of Pars Bronze Rizan Manufacturing and Industrial Company, we were able to receive various quality and management titles at the national and international levels. Currently, we are continuing our activities with the “Jumeirah” brand in the field of valves industry, using the power of domestic and international experts, experienced and experienced personnel, world-class quality, under the quality supervision of the National Standards Department, and competitive prices.

Kitchen Faucets

Mira Sink

Jamil Chrome Matte Sink

Black And Gold Atieh Sink

Jamil Dual Purpose


How can I become a sales representative for Jumeirah products?

Bathroom Faucets

Old needs, modern design

Criteria for design and production of new construction valves

The story of a design

The interesting story of the design of Still Vero collections

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